Shape-Shifters on Fraser Island

Therianthropy – The physical metamorphosis of a human into an animal.
Physical Shift – The physical transformation of an individual, either partially or completely into their theriotype.
Shape-shifter – A person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.


It was two days into the new year, during the summer time in Australia in January 1999. We were on the largest sand island in the world, just off the east coast of Australia. We had reached the place known as Indian Head at the most northerly point of Fraser Island. A group of 20 of us had travelled from the Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay. We had hired a couple of Land Cruzers at Hervey Bay, and caught the ferry across to the island. We were all around the camp fire, nestled by the sand dunes that separated us from the beach close by. The combination of a full moon and off-white sand meant that there was no real need for us to use our torches. Back then, there was only one shop on the island, which was a convenient store. So the moon light and the light from the camp fire was all the lighting we had or needed.


After having finished eating our camp fire dinner together, one of my travel buddies and I went to explore the beach that lay just the other side of the sand dunes. Living in the city meant that walking across moonlit sand dunes was a spectacular and new opportunity for me to experience. We left the others drinking by the fire, and as the two of us were T-total at the time, we decided to seek inspiration from our amazing surroundings. So we followed a sand path towards the ocean. It was a warm night, and if it wasn’t for the dangerous current and sharks that surround the island, it would have been perfect for night time body surfing. Instead, we were very happy to simply take in the magical landscape as we stood on the flat beach sand. There was a large halo around the moon above our heads. And as if all that wasn’t breath taking enough, we were joined by two black (or maybe dark brown) horses that ran up and down the beach. This was about four years before the controversial removal of the few wild horses (brumbies) that once ran free on the island. They looked like they appreciated this unusual night as much as we did. Inspired by our surroundings, conversation naturally turned to the subject of spirituality and our own experiences and differing understandings of God and spirituality. Dennis had spent a number of years living in different parts of the globe, living in communes, while receiving teachings from various ‘gurus’. As we talked and shared our life stories, the horses had come and gone from the beach a few times. On one occasion we were caught by surprise. From directly behind us one of the black horses came racing straight for us. Thankfully it managed to dig its hooves into the soft sand and skid to a halt only a meter or two from us. We had been at its mercy in that moment, because there was no time for us to jump out of the way had it not seen us and stopped. It immediately turned and ran back down the path it had emerged from among the dunes. And so we continued our conversation.
It was one of those classic late night conversations, outside under the stars in the warm night, that I only seem to have when travelling the world, when meeting other travellers from other parts of the world. It is then that you are the most free from all schedules, and there are no cultural restrictions on topics of conversation, when you can take your time and just ‘be’ without anyone telling who they think you should be. We had hardly left the spot where we had been talking for some time, having only walked a very short distance to the centre of the beach, when we saw a couple walking hand in hand near to the sand dunes. They could not have been any more than 40 – 50 meters in front of us, walking away from us. We didn’t know if they had seen us, and we didn’t see at what point along the dunes they had emerged. I remember the girl had blond dreadlocks, and the guy who was quite a lot taller than she. I couldn’t quite make out if his dark hair had dreadlocks or not. But I do remember thinking that they looked just like a couple travelling with us in our group. I didn’t call out to them because it looked like a romantic moment together. So, as Dennis and I talked, we watched them walk across the beach, away from the dunes and towards the surf. There was nothing around these two moonlit blueish semi-silhouetted figures, who at this point were now midway across the beach, except for the contrasting sand that was all lit up by the moon. No rocks, no trees, no sand dunes, no horses, just flat sand all around them. We had been standing still, chatting, looking across the beach at the couple when it happened. It was so fluid and silently that I could not believe my own eyes. Within the space of one or two seconds, we both clearly saw their human forms morph into two black horses, identical looking to the horses we had just seen earlier. Doubting what I had just seen, without us having yet said a word, other than a gasp from Dennis, I immediately asked him to tell me what he had just seen. He looked at me bemused and said in his German accent, “I saw the two people turn into two horses”. We looked back to see the horses run off the beach, continuing in the general direction away from us and down another path. Dennis then asked me what I had just seen, and I told him I had seen the same thing as he had. I then tried my best to rationalise it in my head. Maybe the couple had jumped down into a deep dip in the sand at the exact same time the horses has run out of the dip, creating an optical illusion? But there was no such dip in the sand, and we both saw their forms ‘grow’ into the shape and movement of the two horses. We stayed there for a little while longer, waiting for the horses to come back, but they didn’t show up again. So we heading back to camp at about 3:30am.
The next morning when we were all together for breakfast outside our tents, doing our best to avoid being bitten by the aggressive sand flies, I sat with the couple who resembled the couple we had seen shape-shift. It seemed a bit odd to say, “I think I might have seen you two shape-shift into horses last night.” So instead I asked them if they had gone for a walk on the beach last night. But they said they had been by the camp fire with the others all night. I was stumped for an explanation. None of it made any sense to me at the time. I had been living in the same hippy commune of a youth hostel with these guys for a couple of months, so I’m sure there was nothing thatunusual about them. They were lovely people.


It was a little while after experiencing what we had seen that I learned of the term ‘shape-shifting’. Up until that point I did not know that the phenomena we had witnessed was a known one, with many different names to label it. I had lived my early adult life understanding things through a Biblical perspective, and at that point in my journey I had not learnt all the things I know now, and so I had no idea what to make of it. I realise now that there are actually many accounts in the Bible of equal bizarreness, including the following;
Sticks that shape-shifted into snakes (Exodus 4:2-4 and Exodus 7:8-10). A donkey that spoke (Numbers 22:28).
Jesus turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). Is ‘alchemy’ a form of ‘shape-shifting’?.
Leprosy instantly appearing and disappearing, and being healed (Exodus 4:6-7, Luke 5:12-16). Body parts transformed into new flesh an instant.
Jesus and Peter who walked on water (Matthew 14:22-33). Did the water transform into another substance?
A bush on fire that didn’t actually burn (Exodus 3:2). Were these actual flames? Was the bush really a bush? Or did the bush and/or the fire take on different physical properties?
Angels that looked just like men and who ate and drank just like men (Genesis 19:1).
As we can see from these examples, all of the accounts of people or objects defying our laws of physics, also involved the presence of either an angel or Jesus. Spirit beings and sometimes objects or elements in their presence, are not always tied to our known laws of physics or to the limits of three dimensional space. But they do seem to be able to choose when not to adhere to the known laws of physics at will. But if my friend and I had seen two spirit beings that night, then what kind of ‘spirit beings’ were they? There was no creepy vibe that we picked up on while watching them, in fact, it was a pretty amazing experience. But that alone does not rule out that they may have actually been demons (2 Co 11:14. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”). Researching into shape-shifting has shown me that very often the subject is connected to practices that the Bible describes as spiritually dark, such as shamanism, pathogenic and hallucinogenic drug tacking, witchcraft, self-hypnosis, and satanic ritual. I had been badly prepared for understanding what I had seen that night, simply because up until that point I had received most of my teaching from churches that give the impression that spiritual beings only operate in the spiritual realm, and are not able to be visible while physically interacting in the “real” physical three dimensional world exactly as humans do. And that if they did visibly reveal themselves, that they weren’t really physically there in our world, as if some kind of hologram projected into our world from another, or that there would always be some kind of glow around them. But from scripture alone I should have known that is not true. Not only do you have angels appearing and functioning just like men, and being mistaken for men, but you have normal living humans doing things such as walking on water, and surviving being inside a raging furnace (Daniel 3:24-25). The Bible even gives accounts of people who were once human on earth (Elias and Moses) who briefly returned to Earth from ‘heaven’ in their new spiritual bodies (Matthew 17:1-10). I’m saying that the spiritual world is a physical one, but with additional dimensions, laws of physics and physical properties. The word used to describe this event – when Jesus changed form – is ‘transfigured’. See Strongs numbers 3326 and 3445:
“to transform (literally or figuratively, “metamorphose”):–change, transfigure, transform).”
Jesus was also able to mysteriously enter a locked room, demonstrating that His resurrected body is not restricted by our known laws of physics in the same way our bodies currently are (Luke 24:36-49).


Another thought is that these beings with with the ability for Therianthropy may be a cross breed between fallen angels and a humans. More specifically, descendants of the Nephilim (Genisis 6:4 “Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”) who have inherited the ability to shape-shift. Read in context, this chapter in Genesis implies that this interbreeding was a big reason for the flood. And that these offspring continued to exist on this planet even after the flood (Genesis 6:4). One way the Nephilim could have survived the flood, might have been if some of them shape-shifted into animals that could survive in water, or if possible (dare I say it?!) enter onto Noah’s Ark. But this is pure speculation on my part.


We had deliberately timed our trip to Fraser Island so that we would be at Indian Head on the night of a full moon, in order to enjoy being on the naturally lit sand dunes at night. It was the night of Saturday 2nd January, 1999. The full moon had peaked some 15 hours ago at 03:49:30 am (Central European Time) – Queensland time being 9 hours ahead of CET that time of year – and it was about 2 or 3 o’clock in the late night/early morning local time. Only now while researching for thus article this have I become aware of the connection between a full moon and reports of shape-shifting. Even though I had seen the film ‘The American Werewolf In London’ at a young age, I had never thought of a the werewolf in the film, or even Dracula as being a shape-shifter, or of there being any significance between a full moon and these fictitious characters. It is strange to think that all those full moon horror scenes may actually have a connection with the phenomena that I and a friend had witnessed with our own eyes. But in this case, it was not a frightening experience (or maybe that was just me being somewhat spook proof).


Let me be very clear, that both Dennis and I were not under the influence of any form of drug or alcohol, neither that night or any other day leading up to it. I can only speak for myself in saying that I have never taken drugs that could effect my judgment in that way. And that if someone had secretly drugged our food that evening, then why was nobody else who ate the food affected in any way? And how was it that we had both seen the same thing at the same time? And how was it that we felt completely normal throughout the duration of the night? It is important that I say this, because there is a connection between drug taking and shape-shifting. Beyond the very obvious fact that people hallucinate when on hallucinogens, many people claim that they are able to shape shift into animals at will, with the aid of self induced hypnotic rituals and/or ceremonial drugs. I do not believe it is possible for a human to physically shape-shift, but I do believe that there is something significant that takes place during these experiences that people report about. Instead of physical shape-shifting, it is either a psychological disposition that they are experiencing, or the disembodiment of their spirit. If someone was actually able to prove that they could shape-shift, I would say that either they were a fallen angel pretending to be human, or – if possible – as just mention, an offspring of Nephilim. I do believe however, that many people experience the illusion of shape-shifting (known in the academic world as Therianthropy) , and therefore are convinced that this really does physically happen to them.
Shamans use psychotropic drugs (pharmakia) such as ayahuasca, to ‘see’ the spirit world around them. They may think they have become a bird if prey, and fly over the landscape, when in actual fact their body remains firmly on the ground. Although I believe that it is possible to travel in the spirit as a Shaman claim to do, I strongly advise against seeking after such practices. To travel in the spirit, such as ‘astral projection’, you leave your body spiritually unoccupied (if you haven’t invited The Holy Spirit in), effectively leaving the door wide open for evil spirits (which are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim and the like) to enter your body. You will also be led by a spirit being on your astral projection journey, whether you realise it or not. The big problem with being lead by a spirit, is that evil spirits are masters of disguise, and for this reason it is too easy for us to be deceived when operating in this realm. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”. The original Greek word used for ‘transformed’ is Strongs number 3345:
” ‘μετασχηματίζω’, which is pronounced ‘met-askh-ay-mat-id’-zo’, meaning to ‘transfigure’ or ‘disguise’.”
There are also examples in the Bible where YHWH sent people traveling in the spirit, but these documented cases in Scripture occurred because YHWH specifically chose to reveal something to them at that time and in that place. These people where not calling out to ask for it to happen, but were walking close to God in their lives.
Ezekiel 11:24 reads, “Afterwards the spirit took me up, and brought me in a vision by the Spirit of God into Chaldea, to them of the captivity. So the vision that I had seen went up from me.”
But be warned, chasing after such experiences will lead you into the wrong hands, sooner or later.
We are given spiritual rights as humans that protect us. If we compromise or give up those rights, then evil will step in. One of those rights is that a spirit of any kind can not enter your body unless either you ask or permit it to do so, or at a very young age someone with spiritual authority over you (parents practicing satanic ritual abuse on their children is not an unusual example) caused it to happen to you. If you leave your body in the spirit without the Holy Spirit to occupy and protect it, it is defenceless and open for an evil spirit to enter it, and for that spirit to remain in your body even when your spirit has returned. An evil spirit will do all it can to destroy your mind body and soul. Their ultimate goal is to separate you from Jesus, and a favourite is to make you mentally ill, so that you loose even more control over your whole life. When we realise that evil spirits are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim and their descendants, it is easy to understand why they are so desperate to inhibit a physical body once again. If you ever find yourself in such a mess, your only permanent way out is to call on Jesus (the Biblical Jesus, not the New Age version of Jesus) and give your life to Him, and invite His Holy Spirit into your life and body (If all else has failed for you, then you really have nothing to loose by giving the one who created you a fair go at showing you who He really is, and who he made you to be).
It has always been reassuring for me to know that, on that night I saw the shape-shifters, I was accompanied by a friend who was able to verify what I had seen. However, there is a theory that almost makes me wish that I had been alone. Could Dennis have hypnotised me without me ever knowing? One of the important things in hypnosis is that a calm and relaxing environment is very helpful to put someone into a hypnotic state. And it certainly was a calm and relaxing environment. And Dennis did have a very slow and calm way of speaking all the time. But there are reasons why I think this was not what happened. Firstly, I have absolutely no recollection of having been hypnotised. Also, for the same reasons that I do not take recreational drugs or practice astral projection, I would never agree to go under hypnosis. I have held this stance since long before this event took place. Apparently it is very difficult to hypnotise someone who is so against hypnosis (especially when you are as stubborn as I am). But maybe he hypnotised me without me knowing, so that I was not able to ‘defend’ myself from letting it happen? Well, if I had been in a hypnotic hyper suggestible state, then why did I find what I saw so strange and unbelievable the very moment in which I saw it? There was no sense of lost time either, which is something associated with hypnosis and mind control. Also, we were in the middle of a down to earth, two way discussion. If he had managed to secretly plant a trigger in my mind and activated it at that moment, without me being aware at any point, then the guy would certainly be at the top of his game as a hypnotist, which there was never the slightest hint of in all the time I saw him trying to win over women. And why was Dennis so visibly troubled by what we had seen? Was he an Oscar winning actor too? (Actually, he had done a bit of acting, and there are some pretty bad famous actors out there, so I’ll give you that). We both simply did not know what to make of what we had seen. And it was the first thing he wanted to talk to me about the next morning. I had been hanging out with Dennis nearly every day and evening for a couple of months at that point, at the backpackers, so we knew each other well for such a relatively short period of time. He did have one good card trick, but other than that, he was no magician. As unbelievable as shape-shifting is, I find the possibility of having been unknowingly hypnotised by Dennis something even harder to believe. But because I am by no means an expert in hypnosis, I can not entirely rule it out as a possible explanation. On a similar train of though, could it be that were we both somehow under the influence of a spirit being of some kind, seeing a type of vision? Possibly, but why?


I decided to look into the history of Fraser Island to see if I could find any clues as to what we had seen. What I discovered was very interesting. I came across this website: and found the creation story of Fraser Island, as told by the Aboriginal Butchulla people. The following story was told by Olga Miller, a direct descendent and Elder of the Butchulla people:
“Beiral, the great God in the sky, made all the people. But after he made the people, Beiral realised that the people had no lands! So Beiral sent a messenger, Yendingie, to solve the problem and create lands for the people. Yendingie came down from the sky, and set to work to make the sea, and then the land. When Yendingie arrived at what is now known as Hervey Bay, he had a helper – the beautiful white spirit called Princess K’Gari.
K’Gari was a great helper, and helped Yendingie make the sea shores, the mountain ranges, the lakes and the rivers. Princess K’Gari enjoyed her work very much, and worked tirelessly to create all this natural beauty. One day Yendingie was concerned, and said to her, “K’Gari, you better rest, otherwise you will be too tired to continue our work. There are some rocks over there in the sea. Why don’t you go and lie down and have a sleep?”
So Princess K’gari lay down on the rocks and had a long and deep sleep. When she awoke she said to Yendingie, “I think this is the most beautiful place we have ever created. Please, Yendingie, may I stay here forever?” “Oh no, K’Gari, I cannot allow that. You are a spirit, and you belong here with me!” But K’Gari pleaded with him, “Please, please Yendingie … I could still look up into the sky and see what you are doing. I would love to stay here.”
Finally Yendingie agreed. “You may stay here, but you cannot stay in spirit form. I will need to change you.” So he changed her into a beautiful island. So she wouldn’t be lonely, he then made some beautiful trees and flowers, and some lakes that were specially mirrored so that she could see into the sky. He made creeks and laughing waters that would become her voice, and birds and animals and people to keep her company. He gave these people knowledge and laws, and told them what to do, and how to procreate, so that their children and ancestors would always be there to keep K’Gari company.
And she is still there today, looking up at the sky in one of the truly most beautiful places on earth! She is very happy in, and as, “paradise”.
by Rob Lennon. Emeraldene Inn & Eco-Lodge, Hervey Bay.”



This creation story mirrors the Genesis creation story of the Bible, and the Trinity in many ways. Beiral is “the great God in the sky”, who mirrors the Biblical Heavenly Father named YHVH. Yendingie “came down from the sky” to create the land and sea, which mirrors the role of Jesus. And then there is his ‘great helper’ Princess K’Gari, a feminine spirit and “great helper”, who mirrors The Holy Spirit. What is also interesting, is that according to the legend, Yendingie and K’Gari were a male and female couple in love, and that K’Gari decided to shape-shift and become Fraser Island itself. She did this because she did not want to leave this particularlt beautiful part of the planet – and it is an amazing place – in order to go back into the spirit realm. This then caused a separation between K’Gari and Yendingie, between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This also mirrors The Holy Spirit being here on Earth while Jesus is in Heaven. The story also implies that Yendingie is able to return to Fraser Island, but only for short periods of time. So, did we see the two spirit beings that are responsible for the Butchulla people’s legend? Was this the same couple that the Butchulla people say are K’Gari and Yendingie? Had we caught a glimpse of them while they were briefly bridging the gap between the spiritual and the physical? As with so many creation stories from around the world, there are many aspects of the Butchulla creation story that are very similar to the Biblical creation story. And as with so many of these creation stories, the Godly characters involved; The Father YHVH, The Son/Word Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have had there identities in the stories changed for the names of other ‘gods’, who claim similar but deviated creation stories. Coming from a biblical perspective, I believe the reason for this is that the enemies of YHWH who are the fallen angels, who having been condemned by YHVH and declared enemies of God, want to claim that they created what God had made, and more importantly, that they want to lead people away from the true Creator God and towards themselves, to claim that they are gods. In which case, I am led to the conclusion that, as beautiful and mysterious as that night time experience was – and with respect to the Aboriginals of Fraser Island – what we saw that night – whether it was a physical manifestation, or a type of vision – were two deceiving fallen angels, who were continuing the Butchulla legend narrative. The goal of which was/is to perpetuate a myth that leads people away from the true creator God and towards worshiping the fallen angels. And this conclusion also fits the context of our long discussion while on the beach during that spiritual encounter. Dennis and I had been trying to find common ground between our differing spiritual beliefs and experiences. And I was concerned that he had been lead astray by the teachings and experiences of the different ‘guru’s’ he had been earnestly following. I believe that what we both saw that night was a dramatic example of the very kind of deception that I was wanting to warn Dennis about.

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