Website Links

‘Future Quake’ radio show. A 7 years archieve of weekly talk shows that will challenge and expand your Biblical horizon. I miss this show!:



‘No Where To Run’ with Chris White. He loves making great videos that debunk the latest red hot Bible knocking theories that fly around the internet:



‘Michael S Heiser’ Is a scolar of sraelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council), biblical theology, ancient Near Eastern religion, biblical & ancient Semitic languages, and ancient Jewish binitarian monotheism:



Michael Heiser again, this time it’s his ‘Naked Bible Podcast’. Biblical theology, stripped bare of denominational confessions and theological systems. Hosted by biblical scholar, Dr. Mike Heiser:



‘View From The Bunker’ is a weekly radio talk show hoast Derek Guilbert, interviewing authors, researches and film makers about endtimes prophecy and how it is unraveling before our eyes in current global events and discoveries:



Guy Malone. His personal experiencial and Biblical pespective on the phenomena of UFO’s and Alien abductions: and



‘Stop Sleep Paralysis’ has been a lifeline to to many suffering from the phenomenon:



Preemption Broadcast‘ is a regular (often daily) podcasts by Russ Dizdar. It is a ‘no holds barred’ confrontation with dark spiritual forces that haunt so many people around the world. If you can’t find anyone who is willing to pray with you about such things, then this is possibly the next best thing:



These guy, Basil & Gonz bring a lighter side to heavy topics, and proove that not all Christians are cheesy geeks. In there own words, “Canary Cry Radio is a podcast broadcasted to apprise the Christian community of the impending push for a global lock down as prophesied in the ancient scriptures. It also aims for the general public to explore what the Christian worldview has to offer regarding the topics of a global governmental, economic, and spiritual conspiracy.”:


With intellegence, logic and clarity, Julian Charles hosts this great website. “Be it 9/11 Truth, the Surveillance State, the threat of Global Government, the secularisation of Western Culture, the danger of New Religious Movements (NRMs), or any other issue too often ignored by the institutional church, The Mind Renewed analyses, interprets and critiques from a Christian worldview perspective.

Through podcasts of various kinds, we call upon all listeners, whether ‘people of faith’ or none, to lay aside preconceptions, and embrace an openness of mind that seeks to follow the truth wherever it may lead.”



John Pilger is one of the world’s most highly esteemed journalist and activists and freedom fighters, reporting on major crimes against humanity from around the world: