The Pyramid Dream

While writing about the many interconnecting subjects on this website, I have noticed that my research keeps leading me back to the same few experiences that I have had over the years. As I learn more, these experiences are proving not to be random unexplained events, but very appropriate keys to unlocking my own understanding of age old global mysteries that I am learning about in my research all these years later. I have also learned that this pattern – of phenomena experience that is much later followed by revelation – has also happened to a number of other researchers who are evidently on the same or similar path of discovery as myself.

My first such experience was a dream I had when I was only 14 years old, just a couple of months after deciding to become a committed Christian. I knew back then that this was a very unusual dream. So much so, that I documented it in a note book that I still have to this day (see image 01).

Image 01.

The dream began very normally in my home town of Andover in Hampshire, UK. A couple of close friends and I were walking through a long arched train tunnel footpath (that exists in real life) near to a river. It was a picturesque landscape of green, but now finds itself tucked directly behind some relatively recently build D.I.Y. superstores.

When we came out of the tunnel on the other side, we noticed something very strange. We were no longer in Andover, but in a strange land, with two rows of Aztec Pyramids running along each side of a dirt footpath. Oddly enough, the same idea of a long arched train tunnel leading to another realm was portrayed some two decades later in the film ‘Spirited Away’, directed by one of my all time favourites, Hayao Miyazaki.

My friends and climbed the stairs of the first Pyramid on the left side of the footpath. There were about 10 pyramids in a row, mirroring themselves across the path in between, totaling about 20 pyramids in all. When we reached the top platform of the stone structure, to the left of three red archways there was a large treasure chest. On top of the chest was a book with an image of a woman in a long dress. And placed on the floor next to the chest was a stone sculpture of a human head, made from green stone with ‘flecs’ of yellow/gold. We suddenly became tired, and decided to go to sleep on the stone platform, even though is was mid-day. But we were suddenly woken by the noise created from the stone head tumbling down the steps of the pyramid. And it wasn’t happening just to this one head. I looked up to see that all of the other pyramids had the same three objects, in the same place on their platforms, and all of the heads were now tumbling down their respective pyramid steps. Then a voice said, “If the heads are not returned to their place, the World will end”. And so we ran to put them all back. But just as we began to do so, two primitive looking tribes with spears rushed out from the middle of each row of pyramids, and clashed on the path, and then ran along the path fighting into the distance together. We put the heads back to their correct positions and then left through the tunnel back to the other side to the town of Andover where we began.

Over the years, as I have learned about the Mayan culture and other ancient civilizations, I have frequently been shocked to discover how many references this dream has to them. As I write more on this website I will be referring back to this dream, and also to my other key experiences, and to explain how they all fit together.

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