The Pyramid Dream – Further Discoveries

Posted on January 21, 2012

A number of times over the years I have been amazed at the ‘prophetic’ nature of a dream I had when I was in my early teens. I dreamt many things in the dream that only years later did I find out were historically accurate details about the Mayan culture that I never knew about. Also, a few of the scenes in this dream I have seen played out in 3 films that were made decades after I had the dream ( 1. the film ‘Spirited Away’, when the family drive through a train tunnel and come out the other side into a different reality. 2. ‘Apocolypto’, when the the heads of Mayans are chopped off and tumble down the steps. This is quite different to the dream when the stone heads role down the steps by an unexplained force, but this film was the first reference I ever saw to such a ritual. And 3.’The Fountain’, when Mayan warriors run out from either side of two rows of pyramids, waving their spears in the air. These may well just be coincidence, but it’s kept this dream at the forefront of my mind on a number of occassions.

Image 01. Drawn when having just woken from the dream at 14 year of age.


Photo taken of newly discovered Greenstone ‘mask’ in 2012.


And a julting occation happened to me today! It was only two weeks ago that I wrote about my Pyramid dream for this website. Unfortunately I had forgotten how to upload images into the post, got it wrong, and then parked the page as private so that no one could read it until I had time to add the image scanned in from my dream diary that I kept some 23 years ago. Well, I got a cosmic kick up the backside today when I went to and read their news article titled, ‘Mysterious Greenstone Mask Discovered inside Pyramid of the Sun’. So, does that mean that there is a treasure chest-like table made of the same greenstone down there too? Along with a book? We shall see!

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