This is a website for those who are not afraid to ask big questions. Questions that lead to answers which might turn your understanding of this world upside down.

This website is also for those who have already had their world turned upside down, and who are trying to make sense of it all since having ‘woken up’ to an understanding of reality that conventional sciences do not currently recognize as being real or possible.

There are many aspects to our conventional western world view, such as economics, politics, science, history, and religion. This site focuses on the hidden driving forces behind all aspects of our culture, namely the spiritual component, which has become a taboo to talk about in most circles. A healthy spiritual development is the key to changing this world and ourselves for the better. There is great opposition working against us behind the scenes of what we call reality, but I for one know from experience that it is more than possible to overcome such powers. Here I will share with you what I have experienced and discovered over the years, and what has proved true for myself and many others all over the world.