Have I been seeing 11:11 for many years? Yes. Has it appeared to me a significant moments throughout the years? Yes, but not always. Do I trust it? No, not really, even though It was amazing to me when I first saw it and had no knowledge or understanding of the phenomena: I woke up one morning in a tent in Byron Bay, Australia, and saw it on my phone clock, and thought “wow, there’s something special about that”. The next day (having not spoken to anyone about it, or thought any more about it), someone asked me,”Does 11:11 mean anything to you?” Since then I started seeing it everywhere. At first I always saw it at the exact moment I was trying to make a big life decision. I automatically assumed that this was some kind of confirmation of my choice. But at the same time was weary not to trust in such a thing. In recent years it seems to have lost it’s significance, although I still see it regularly in phases. I see it, and think “OK, and…” Having my suspicions about it, and with only a few days to go to 11/11/11, I did a little more digging about it this morning. I found this youtube clip that struck a chord in me: Sorry if it isn’t what you or I wanted to hear:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=hp6a3F7IOP4 The only Spirit I will be listening to is The Holy Spirit as written about in The Bible. I will trust in The Holy Spirit only, especially on that day. No need to fear 🙂

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One response to “11:11

  1. Strange phenomenon I’ve had for about a year… I also ‘see’ multiples of 11 all the time… I’ll wake in the wee hours of the morning, glance at the clock and it says, 2:33, or 5:44… Same thing happens 5-7 times a day. 9:11, 6:22, etc… weird.

    Because I know the number 11 points to judgment, I have always regarded it as a continual alarm or warning in my life to get/be/stay ready for the return of Yeshua… But much to transpire before He come in power and glory!


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