The Disclosure Project analysing of ‘Alien’ carcase.

Is it: (a) A 3D printed model? (b) An unknown terrestrial animal? (c) A biological experiment by humans? (d) A baby Nephilim? (e) An adult Nephilim? (f) An extra terrestrial being? (g) A fallen angel? (h) or Other?

I suspect that this is an example of a created being from genetic manipulation by the US (or other) military. There intention is to create bodies for the disembodied demonic spirits from the destroyed Nephilim to inhabit. Steven Greer and the rest of The Disclosure Project members want you to believe that this is one of the ‘aliens’ that have come to save humanity from destruction. These ‘aliens’ will then claim to be our ‘Gods’ and usher in ‘world peace’ and a one world government and religion, leading to the tribulation events described in the book of Revelation. As crazy as it sounds (because it is) there is declassified documentation showing that this is what the Nazis were also trying to do, and now the US Army and others have continued to do, first with ‘Project Paperclip’ and that was in the 50’s. The Military are always lurking somewhere in the background or alongside these stories and findings. And now they have The Disclosure Project to hide behind.

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