Sun Or Son Worship?

(Originally posted on 3rd November 2011)

Most of you will probably be familiar with the internet movie phenomena Zeitgeist. And those of you who have dug a little deeper have realised how flawed the Director Peter Joseph was with his information on deities. He even admitted so during a radio interview on where the information about Jesus and the comparisons to other deities was simply and admittedly incorrect (see timecode 9:00 mins in).

However, recently I recently visited a Lutheran church in Southern Sweden, called ‘Örs Kyrka‘, where I took the following photos after a Sunday service. The church was allegedly built in 1219, but was restored in 1663, I’m guessing due to the Reformation.

As I sat in the pew, looking around at the church ornaments and artwork, i noticed that it clearly had far more visual references to sun worship and astrology than to Jesus. The whole service and the buildings interior was clearly designed for duel interpretation. All you had to do is swap the ‘o’ in ‘Son’ for a ‘u’ in ‘Sun’ and you had the esoteric meaning. Even the life sized cross with Jesus hanging on it had zodiac symbols of the ox – Torus, two fish(?) – Picies , and a lion – Leo at each end of the upper part of the cross. This Crucifix (see photo below) is from the 1400′s.

The priests gown had the ‘X’ and ‘P’ overlaid the first two Greek(?) letters for the initials ‘J’ and ‘C’ of ‘Jesus Christ’. The same symbol that Constantine supposedly received in a ‘dream from God’, which he then chose to be placed on the crusaders shields, to kill in the name of God. Behind the ‘XP’ symbol on the priests gown were the radiant beams of the sun – a symbol very commonly used by Freemasons to represent the sun and its enlightenment.

Jordan Maxwell (who was heavily referenced in the film Zeitgeist) believes that the Masonic symbol of the radiation sun behind the eye on the pyramid is a symbol of Jesus and his enlightenment, and that it was possibly an ancient symbol that was later adopted by various religious institutions. He speculates that Jesus, the ‘Cornerstone’, refers to the ‘Master Builder’ in Freemasonry. But it may even be that the eye in the triangle symbol pre-dates both the Egyptians and Freemasonry.

The greatest example of the significance of the Sun in the Orthodox Church is to be found at the Vatican in Rome. In fact, the Vatican itself IS the symbol – The phallic symbol of the obelisk (once again from Ancient Egypt) in the centre is a sun dial. At the longest and shortest days of the year, the shadow cast by the obelisk falls on the ‘X’ paths accordingly. And the ‘X’ is intersected by a vertical line, that if followed, points east to the sun rise, and to the ‘key hole’ shaped building some 3.3Km away directly to the East from the Vatican, as shown by the red line in the photo below.

In the service I attended on my Swedish church visit, they chose to sing a hymn called, ‘Guds Son en gång i morgonglans’, which translated means ‘God’s Son the morning glory’. I have heard that Egyptian obelisks are phallic symbols, as well as a type of sun dial. Without wanting to be explicit, any fully functioning adult male will know what this symbol combined with the title of the song is referring to. This service was feeling more like a sick joke on the people, rather than a Christ centred worship service.

Above the middle isle of the church were a few chandeliers. The focal point of each of the chandeliers was a relatively large golden sphere – a well known and old representation of the sun. It had eight ‘S’ shaped arms (‘S’ for ‘sun’ perhaps?) polar arrayed from the centre, forming the ancient astrological symbol that also refers to the sun. The chandelier had a star painted on the ceiling around its fixing point to the ceiling.

During the service, there were 7 separately coloured candles making up the colours of the rainbow, placed in a line on a low level table at the front of the church (see photo below). They were lit as a church youth group member read out scripture and a statement glorifying the Sun and the Son. Below the table was a multi-coloured rug, with a pyramid design in the centre. The pyramid separates White light into the colours of the rainbow – when you understand all the ‘colours’ you are ‘illuminated’ says Freemasonry.

If the symbols above were not enough to convince me that something is awry in this and other church institutions, I could hardly believe my eyes when I was a Skull and cross bones right next to the suspended pulpit. And even the ‘roof’ of the pulpit had the sun male/female compass symbol painted on its underside

Having returned back to the UK, I began researching into the above symbolism, and connections between Christianity and the ancient Egyptians. I came across the work of Ralph Ellis, who puts forward the hypothesis that the Prophets from the Torah were actually the Egyptian Hyksos Pharaohs. Ellis believes that The Holy Mountain – Mount Sinia –  described in Exodus was actually one of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and that the hidden truth is that Jesus was actually the last of the Pharaohs. This is a very interesting idea, and would explain why there is so much ancient Egyptian symbolism found in Orthodox buildings, as well as in Royal monuments in the UK. Is this what the Illuminati believe is the hidden truth? And, as warned about in the Bible, are these more examples of Satan’s counterfeit kingdom and worship? I think so.

The more I heard what Ralph Ellis had to say, the more he sounded like a Freemason. The same could be said for Jordan Maxwell. although I suspect that he is a genuine researcher picking up on masonic breadcrumbs. I am looking forward to reading the book ‘Legend – The Genesis of Civilisation’ by David Rohl, to get another perspective on the Pharaohs.

With regards to the Swedish Church I visited, I am sure that their collection of symbols deliberately have dual meanings, as can be said throughout Catholic and Lutherin churches. There seems to be one set of interpretations for the masses, and another hidden meaning for the ‘elite’. All of these symbols (and more) add up to the fact that this is deliberate and by design, and that this duel meaning has been at the heart of the Orthodox churches since their inception with Constantine. It is as clear as daylight to me that either the Church, or Freemasonry, or both institutions were infiltrated and hijacked by the royal elite, and that it continues to this day. The good news is that The Orthodox church institutions are dying out amongst the masses, and that the real non-denominational Church is growing fast (you won’t hear that reported on the BBC!). It is vital for the true church that we stay vigilant, and become self educated, and think for ourselves, so that the elite do not highjack the growth of the true Church.

The big questions are; Where did the symbolism originate? And which came first -The Catholic and Lutheran church, Or Freemasonry? Sun worship, and Astrology, or Jesus? Where did these symbols originate? Who borrowed them from who? And are the symbols esoteric meanings one and the same? Are the Lutheran and Catholic church leaders worshiping the ‘Son’ or the ‘Sun’? The Bible describes Jesus as the light of the world, and that in the age to come, there will be no need for a Sun, because Jesus will be the light (Revolation Ch22 v5). So it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise to me that the Church would choose to use the Sun as a symbol for Jesus.

I have heard from a number of sources that Freemasonry first started out as a genuine Christian movement, but that in the 16th Century it was infiltrated and corrupted into the form that we know know it to be. We know from history that freemasonry takes it’s symbols, beliefs, and rituals from Sun worship, ancient Egypt and Christianity, which very much muddies the waters when looking into symbolism.

So what are the Christian links with Astronomy? The Bible clearly says that He put the stars, Sun and Moon as signs (see Genesis ch1 v14, Luke ch21v25, Psalm ch8 v3, Deuteronomy ch4 vs19-20,  We know from from Matthew Ch2 v1-2 that the ‘Rav Magi’ (or high Rabbi’s) had knowledge to follow the ‘star’. And According to Dewey Bruton and his ‘Daniels Timeline‘, Revelation Ch12 v1-5 refers to an arrangement of star constellations that will appear directly over Jerusalem on March 2nd 2013 at 05:58am in the end times ( see video timeline: 1hr 27mins 25 secs into Youtube video ). So with verses in mind, it is obvious why people can make the link with Astrology instead of Astronomy. Many believe that Jesus, the rest of the Bible and Astronomy are dumbed down versions of the hidden esoteric ‘truth’ of Astrology and Sun worship. That for the masses who are kept in the dark we have Jesus to follow, and for the ‘enlightened’ Elite, Illuminati, or higher ranking Freemasons, they have the exclusive ‘real truth’ that sets them in a higher inter-mediating place between ‘God’ and Human kind – just as the Pharaoh kings and queens believed themselves to be. I believe there are two opposing powers at work here, which the Scriptures make very clear. There is a twisted version of the truth at work that draws us in via our otherwise healthy curiosity, and pride of knowledge. It is extremely subtle.

If I were God, I’d make sure I made it clear to every sole on Earth about truth and love, so that even in creation itself there would be evidence of a Divine Creator (Romans Ch1 v20). But if i were a deceiver, I would twist and hide the truth, and use it to promote fellow deceivers so that they could then in turn gain power over others and perpetuate diversion from the truth (1 Corinthians ch14 v3), and therefore suppressing others development of full potential and relationship with the giver of eternal life and love.

We also know that Constantine decided to amalgamate Christianity with the pagan practices of his day to bring order into ‘his’ kingdom. This is why most churches celebrate the birth of Jesus at the winter solstice, and his death on Easter – the celebration of ‘the Earth goddess of fertility’. It was a clever idea, and one that still largely remains in practice. It is vital that we think for ourselves and not rely on establishments, Institutions, or traditions. Some are great starting points, but we all need to grow up and find our own walk and relationship with the divine creator. We really have no excuse in this day and age.

We know from secular history alone that Jesus was born around late September during the prophetic Jewish festival date of the Festival of Tabernacles. He was crucified on the day of Passover, another of the prophetic Festivals of the Lord (see Leviticus ch23 v1-44 for all of the dates). These are ancient, pre-Jesus prophetic dates of the birth, baptism, death, resurrection and return of Jesus. They were prophecies that proved to be 100% accurate, with the exception of the last 3 remaining prophetic dates regarding the return of Jesus. Just a coincidence? A made up story? Or true prophesy that embraces Scripture and the Sun Moon and Stars in the way God intended them to be observed and interpreted for all to see and understand clearly?

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