Daniel’s Timeline & Prophecy of The Popes

Daniel’s Timeline & Prophecy of The Popes

A few years ago I came across a video my Dewey Bruton, called ‘Daniel’s Timeline’, and more recently ‘119 Ministries’ have made their own video of it, with a few alterations. The two work very well together, so I recommend you watch both. A couple of years ago my wife kindly bought me a 10 year diary so that I could write all my “crazy predictions” in, and then we could look back in years to come and have a laugh about how she was always right. But you should have seen the look on her face when I told her todays Pope news. World events are unfolding rapidly, and are very much proving these interpretations of the book of Daniel to be correct.

In 1139 Saint Malachy had a number of visions concerning the final 112 Popes. This prophecy is found in the document called ‘Prophecy of The Popes’. To date, all the Popes prophecied have come to pass, and he said that the Pope after Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzinger would be the final Pope. Not only that, but he predicted that this final Pope will be the false prophet to usher in the final Anti-Christ.

Prior to the annoncememt of the Popes retirement, a few days ago it was announced that Barack Obama will be visiting Israel from 20th to 22nd of March. I believe that this is not a coincidence. Watch this space.

Today was the first real test for me concerning the validity of these interpretations of the book of Daniel. I was half hoping to be able to prove them wrong, because lets face it, who in their right mind wants to live through the great Tribulation period as described in the Bible? So the news of the Pope’s sudden declaration of resignation came as a shock, despite the fact that I was expecting it to happen before the 22nd March 2013, when – according to these interpretations – the final Anti-Christ will make himself known to the world.

Please watch the linked videos at the bottom of this article for a full explaination of ‘Daniels Timeline’, and judge for yourselves. But in brief, I personally believe that this announcement today could well be our 40 days notice of things to come, ie. the beginning of the great Tribulation.

Well, that’s the easy bit to believe. The revealing of who the final Anti-Christ is will be what blows everyones minds, no matter how prepared we are…

If all this really is about to happen, then just remember that there is one massively bright light (Yeshua) at the end of a very dark and ugly tunnel ahead.




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3 responses to “Daniel’s Timeline & Prophecy of The Popes

  1. How can the antichrists true identity be such a shock to people if everyone suspects that it is Barrack Obama? Not that he really fits any of the descriptions…he is not stern faces, he is not a homosexual or celibate, and he doesn’t come from where the antichrist is said to come from. If the antichrist will have power to deceive even the elect, then it can’t be Obama because pretty much every Christian that I know of hates Obama, doesn’t trust him, etc. so it can’t be him…it has to be someone else…maybe Obama gets the stage ready, or he happens to be in the area when the antichrist is revealed…

    • Hi Melissa, I think Obama may well know who the final Antichrist might be, but I really don’t think it’s him. I’m convinced that the final antichrist is going to be, or be accompanied by something really weird, like the resurrection of Gilgamesh/Pan, or a fallen angel pretending to be an ‘alien’ from another planet. That’s a big statement to make, but the info graphic I’m making at the moment will explain it all. It should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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